We are appflame, a product IT company. We create life-changing products that break the rules of the game in the category. Geographically, we are located in Ukraine, but in reality – all over the world.

We are looking for the daring and enthusiastic people. Those who are fans of creating real products and dream of launching and developing cool startups. You have ambitions, and we have comfortable conditions for their implementation.

Your project: AdConnect. It is a business that specializes in building communication platforms, as well as SaaS solutions for traffic management and increasing user retention. Our project portfolio includes: web products in the social discovery, advertising network, SaaS solution for user retention. Our products have millions of users from all over the world – North and South America, Europe, Australia, and the list of markets is constantly growing.

You will:

  • Forming different hypotheses in the area of product development (pricing) (with the aim of increasing the metrics of involvement and monetization);
  • Understanding how different statistical and mathematical techniques can be applied to a variety of optimization problems and choosing the optimum solution for each type of real-world problem;
  • Running split tests to verify different hypotheses;
  • Building statistical and probabilistic models;
  • Designing, developing, training, and testing data mining, machine learning, and algorithms with close interaction with product teams;
  • Providing comparative research on different algorithms and models;
  • Applying quality measures to ensure data governance, accuracy, quality, and integrity;
  • Proactive participation in the Model Management process and high load monitoring.

From you:

  • Python (2+ years);
  • Advanced SQL skills (2+ years);
  • Advanced knowledge of maths, probability theory and statistics;
  • Practical experience in Machine Learning (1+ years);
  • Experience of implementing GBM models (CatBoost, XGBoost, etc);
  • Experience with training pipelines for ML;
  • A/B testing of model versions;
  • Strong problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on product development.

Will be an advantage:

  • Understanding and experience of NN;
  • Experience with orchestration systems (Prefect, Airflow, Dagster, etc.), understanding of ETL/ELT;
  • Experience with AWS s3 or similar;
  • Understanding mlflow or other MLops tools;
  • Experience with Tableau, Apache Superset, or other BI tools;
  • Experience with Redis, MySQL, Vertica, ClickHouse;
  • Proven positive impact in product projects.

Your journey to the job offer: message from the recruiter > interview > test > final interview > job offer.

Why appflame?

  • Involvement in Ukrainian products that compete with the world's best players.
  • The ability to implement your own ideas, not the feeling of a cog in the system.
  • Meaningful and useful products, created not just for shareholders to earn money.
  • A sense of yourself among your people who are charged with results.
  • Work with the global market and a huge audience.
  • Direct contact with Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Apple, and access to their best practices.
  • Well-established processes and no barriers to growth within the company.
  • Transparent evaluation of work based on personal performance indicators.
  • Powerful social package and fair compensation.

We provide all conditions for your talents to be fully revealed.

We are loyal to our people. Our loyalty doesn't fade at the end of the working day. We do not leave our people alone with their problems: neither professional nor personal.

Join us.


We are against all types of discrimination, bullying, and stereotypes. We provide equal employment opportunities regardless of race, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, citizenship, national origin, health status or any other characteristics.